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ARP Rheumatology - Online first: 2022-01-29
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Musculoskeletal manifestations in a Portuguese cohort of 235 inflammatory bowel disease patients


Fernandes BM, Rosa-Gonçalves D, Magro F, Costa L, Bernardes M


Background: Musculoskeletal symptoms represent the most common extraintestinal manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and a major cause of impaired quality of life in these patients. Spondyloarthritis (SpA) is classically associated with IBD, but other rheumatic manifestations may occur. Objective: To characterize musculoskeletal symptoms and rheumatic diseases in an IBD cohort. Methods: Retrospective monocentric descriptive study including all the patients with IBD consecutively referred from Gastroenterology to the Reumatology Department (from January of 2013 to April of 2021) in a Portuguese tertiary university hospital. Demographic and clinical data were collected and musculoskeletal symptoms and rheumatic diseases diagnosed in the Rheumatology outpatient center were registered. Results: A total of 235 patients were included: 177 (75.3%) with Crohn´s disease (CD) and 58 (24.7%) with ulcerative colitis. Musculoskeletal symptoms were observed in 142 (60.4%) patients and 105 (44.7%) had some rheumatic condition. Regarding spondyloarthritis, 46 (19.6%) patients fulfilled ASAS (Assessment of SpondyloArthritis international Society) criteria for axial SpA and 5 (2.1%) for peripheral SpA. Osteoarthritis (n=70, 29.8%) and osteoporosis (n=33, 14%) were the most frequent non-inflammatory rheumatic conditions observed, mostly previously undiagnosed. No significant differences were observed between CD and UC. Conclusion: Rheumatic conditions are frequent in IBD patients and are not limited to SpA features. They remain mostly undiagnosed and the collaboration between gastroenterologists and rheumatologists is important for their best management.






Bruno Miguel Fernandes, Diana Rosa-Gonçalves, Fernando Magro, Lúcia Costa, Miguel Bernardes. Musculoskeletal manifestations in a Portuguese cohort of 235 inflammatory bowel disease patients. ARP Rheumatology, 2022, online-first -
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