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Efficacy of an exercise program combined with lifestyle education in patients with knee osteoarthritis


Alfieri F, Lima A, Salgueiro M, Andrade E, Battistella L, Silva N


Therapeutic exercise and lifestyle changes (LS) are usually recommended for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (OA). Objectives: to compare the impact of an exercise program vs. exercise program plus LS education in individuals with knee OA. Materials and Methods: Single-blind randomized clinical trial with individuals of both sexes with clinical and radiological diagnosis of knee OA. Participants received the treatment 2 times/week for 8 weeks. Therapeutic exercise involved warm-up, flexibility, muscle strengthening, balance and proprioception. The exercise plus lifestyle education group (ELG) also participated in 8 sessions of lectures and discussion on disease self-management and healthy LS. Participants were assessed for pain intensity (visual analog scale), lifestyle, symptoms and physical disability (WOMAC) and pressure pain tolerance threshold (PPT). Results: Sample consisted of 39 participants, divided into exercise group (EG, n=17) and ELG (n=22). Groups were homogeneous regarding regarding age, weight, height, initial pain perception (VAS) and gender predominance age and body mass index. After the interventions, reduction in pain perception and increase in PPT was observed in both groups. Despite the improvement in LS of both groups, only ELG exhibited a significant reduction in pain assessed by WOMAC. Therapeutic exercise programs may produce pain relief, but no improvements were observed in joint stiffness and funcionality.







Fábio Alfieri, Alessandra Lima, Marcia Salgueiro, Elisabete Andrade, Linamara Battistella, Natália Silva. Efficacy of an exercise program combined with lifestyle education in patients with knee osteoarthritis. ARP, Vol 45, nº3 2020:201-206. PMID: 33139686
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